Monday, July 23, 2007

Like 'em

I like them,
The bellied creatures.
Roaming audaciously,
Spitting their sweet nothings.
Their limoz and pageroz,
Parading for soup.

I adore them,
The color sensitive fellows.
Dishing out their sumptous dime,
From the ever- bulging wallets.
To their "Devoured Daughters,"
Leasing their souls.

I enjoy them,
The betrayed, damned damsels.
Complaining haplessly,
About cough, rashes, dimmed promises....
Cursing, swearing earnestly,
Heaving for tiz late!


GERALD said...

Gwe Linda what are you taking.....who or which are those u like.... ehhhh.

The 27th Comrade said...

Aw. Blogs with a colour theme that leans pink-ward always evoke ... do I call it my more-sensitive side?

Iwaya said...

we don't nearly have enough poets blogging in Ug. Welcome to an addictive pastime and long may thee reign!

Fenny Sterenborg said...

thanks for your comment and your link ... I will link back ... like your poetry

The 0ne said...

@comrade. Pink evokes feelings in you. Guess a tongue stuck out at you is lost,eh?;-) Welcome to the fold.

eddiie said...

Wooh!! i wish you compiled them and throw a book in the near future..

Dennis D. Muhumuza said...

this is a work of a genius, linda. i don't mind coming 4 more. truthfully.

Nuwagira said...

Hi, great poem! However, your message can easily be misinterpreted, and you taken for a saddist.I 'll sure be back to devour some more.

Lindah said...

Ok' seems like the poem is complicated but am tryna shun sugar Deez who buy the souls of young girls.

Esquire of the mountain said...

hey i figured this shouldnt have let the cat out about the sugar dees...leave them guessing but oh well since its out, maybe you need meet nagginda, read in the papers that she is launching an anti-sugar daddy campaign and against cross generational sex...nice one too!