Friday, September 14, 2007


She waited for two plus five years
For him to take her home
And spend the rest of her life with him
Til Heaven comes to claim their souls

It is this precious moment
That these two doves have been waiting for
Though they knew it long before
That their dreams would one day come true

So let us wish them well
As their victory goes down in the love history
For together, forever they bring
And make the best of it all!


Tandra said...

she waited two plus five years? wat dedication!!!

gayuganda said...

Hi Lindwee,

Despite my other things, I scrawl some poetry. Yes, like a comfy pillow, I would like to share it.

Angry stuff, for some. Would welcome your comments.
What a god you serve
Loveless Virtue
Coming (Not) Out

And maybe you can check the 'Way to Go' post in Sept.

I will understand if you wish it not. It seems I am a sort of pariah even in the blogging community! All the best


The 0ne said...

True love,eh?... and I left blogger for

The 27th Comrade said...

I expected some ka-picture in light blue tones, of two doves nearly kissing ... :o)

SAGE said...

pillow case. how u?

Lindah said...

@tadra, Love is patient.

@gayuganda, angry stuff but thanx for stopping buy.

@the one, will visit your new site.

@comrade, the doves are camera shy., uhmmm....fine!

Anonymous said...

2+5=7 wow i hope i can be that patient

lulu said...

sho shweeeet!

Dennis D. Muhumuza said...

there is something delicately personal or beautiful on impassive...whatever it is we lie prostrate on our mats and appreciate

feather said...

that long?

Lindah said...

I attended their Wedding last saturday and it was really gooooood!

Don said...

Props. Sounds like she knew he was her soulmate.