Thursday, April 24, 2008

If I pull this off...

Maybe I should hark
And not tell I'll hit a mark
If I pull this off
For a friend...

Will he peck me?
Will he hug me?
Or will he cry,
'O you're a genius?'

That we shall know
If I pull this off
For a friend!


James Tubman said...


i can't believe i'm first

this is why you always check


i think you should pull it off for her if she treats you right

of course i don't know if it's real or fictional

Anonymous said...

pull this off? top, idea or surprise, still wondering what

Nuwagira said...

Linda, always thinking of something, but its dangerous to do something expecting a reward. Stand warned. Anyhow am back in business can always check on with love. Ubuntu.

Da_cynic said...
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Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

I wonder what it is as well

Don said...

Hey Lindwee,

Well you know what they, "A true friend will be there until the end." I am pretty sure that saying goes for both people involved.

Glad all is well.

Jay said...

First time here, nice blog

Curious post......goodluck with your "pulling off" mission

Will be back.

Unknown said...

Is he worth it?

Toochi said...

hey lindwee...i'm back...didn't know you took off.
anyways, pull what off exactly?
i could pull it off for you too...if i knew what it was though.

Nuwagira said...

Just wish the best in your final year exams; and the best of luck in the 'world' thereafter.
Good Luck and keep the feelings & ideas flowing...

Lindah said...

@Y'all, thanks for pulling this off for me. I will post more after exams.


Sam Oracle said...

Most times, when I do things I don't always expect something in return, so that if I eventually don't get anything I won't feel bad.

I guess you'll get the answer when the question is asked. When you do what you gotta do, you'll get what you gotta get.