Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome back!

Ms. Augar!
You have been lost and we thought that
We see you not again

For ten 30’s day you had withered
Leaving us with no clue of your whereabouts
And now you are back with your dampness
To claim what is partly yours

Well, a lot has happened since you evaporated
We have received and leased souls
Embraced success and failure
Bulged and elongated

So...Are you ready to continue from where you stopped?
We know you are bushed from the long journey
But tomorrow you gonna be no visitor
We gonna work you lot
Before Mr. Septar shows up


The 27th Comrade said...

I wish I could explain - in English - why I like this one. But I can't. In thought language, yes, I can try. :o)

feather said...


Anonymous said...

Nice.. First time here but am loving it

manueri said...

dont know what to say to a person who is unpredictable but this isgood.

Lindah said...

Unpredictable? yeah.... coz i don't wanna define ma self when others are gonna re-define me.....

BrokenStreetLight said...

jeeeeeeeez..u r so beautiful...i saw yua face, across the blogs...u r a pretty seizure.will be coming for more here..

Esquire of the mountain said...

You are not fair lindwee...sneaking upon us people we dont know and yet somehow we feel we know them...oh this is classic....who in the world is speaking to mrs augar, the world, hell, oh my so many unanswered questions...brillian work you are doing here...i love this style!