Sunday, November 18, 2007


I came into this world before you
And watched every step you took
And every single move you made

I carried you on my back
Tickled you when you cried
And fed you when you were hungry

I saw you off to school
Helped you with your homework
And prayed that you be successful in life

And now child
Here you are
Swearing that
You don’t know me!


karsonos said...

is good article, happy nice day...

Don said...


Kids say the darndest things.

E2Deep said...

I like it:)

Anonymous said...

Aw.. nice

Lindah said...

@ karsonos,thanks!

@don,yeah, but some adults are good at denying their own parents.

@e2deep,thanks! i like the first part but the last makes me sad.

@be silent,Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love that!

The Enigma said...

Nice one

Afrobabe said...

lol...dont even know if the person is feeling anger or pain....sounds more like anger right?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That stings. I never assume whether something is fiction or not, but it illicited real emotion.

Lindah said...

@B-More BAP Life, thanks!

@The Enigma, thanks!

@Afrobabe, She is feeling both. Imagine getting burnt while trying to save your daughter and when you come to visit her at school. she denies you!

@Sojournor G, yeah, i cried when i was posting this.

@Y'all, thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend.

Comrade said...

In the words of Nigerian Comedians - "The pikin don disfather the parent". - In opposition to the Parent disowning the child.
I've updated

Maxine said...

"And now child
Here you are
Swearing that
You don�t know me!"

Thats when you realise that the parenting is over and time to make friendship. :)

esk said...

Great poem...I totally wasn't expecting that last line...LOL

Joshua Masinde said...

It's true. Long ago, I heard of a story of a man whose poor parents struggled to educate. He became successful, got a good job in town and married a lovely wife.
Ironically, he forgot his parents. In their humble clothing, they went to see him in town. He ordered his servant to spray their feet with antiseptic before he allowed them into his 'lovely house.' Reason? They would infect him with jiggers.
If you remember Judas Iscariot? This piece is applicable to him as well.

Lindah said...

@ comrade, I checked it out, it was great!

@maxine, parents go thru alot but they never give up.

@sage, it is painful.

@seejmasinde, true, we should never forget our routes however much we succed in lie. Hey! I've started taking warm water.