Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I will miss you
You will miss me
I can not live this way
You can not leave that way


Afrobabe said...

Simple yet touching...

I would have simply said...Pleasssssssssse don't go.

Don said...

Damn lindwee, get your hands out my

So true, so true.

Tandra said...

okay, im not one for poetry so im having a hard time intepreting this one...coz of the "live" and "leave" there in the last two lines... help!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too Tand

Comrade said...

Reading this, I had a song playing on my mind. It was done by a Nigerian/ German girl. Not sure if you know her - Ayo Ogunmakin. I think the lines were - Down on my knees, I'm begging you, Please don't leave me. Good writ. Thanks for stopping by

Andrew F. Alalade said...

Wow, short and spot-on. I love it!

Lindah said...

@afrobabe,he pleaded in vain!

@don, not yet.

@tadra, he wanted to live, she took his life.

@be silent,she packed, he wept.

@comrade,I don't know her but will find out.


eddiie said...

Now..whose missing the other more?
But great poem.

Short but speaks gallons and gallons of sense..

Keep goin..

Esquire of the mountain said...

everytime i come here...your poetry still manages to yank the carpet from my feet...and leaves me breathless!

Lindah said...

@eddiie,they have different hearts so it is difficult to measure the misses.

@esquire of the mountain,really!