Friday, December 7, 2007

Mr Santa

I can hear the bells
What is happening?
Decorations are filled
Allover the sitting room
Everyone in the house
Is having a blast
Then Amanda tells me
That Santa Claus is coming!

And I wonder
Why he is coming
And she tells me
That hey! Christ is born

Oh what is Christmas?
Christmas is a special day
So what shall we do?
We should celebrate our Christ is born
Partying, thanking, praising Jesus
Praising, partying, thanking Jesus
Thanking, praising, partying for Jesus

Mr. Santa Claus
What should I ask?
Maybe a little rain for the day
Because I want the vegetation to smile
Thank you Claus
I never thought my dream could come true
To you all
Put your hands up and sing with me

Thank you Mr. Santa
For giving us gifts
We appreciate your
Fantabulous gifts
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!


esk said...

What a cute poem!

I actually just posted a similar one on my poetry blog yesterday.

I guess many are feeling the "CHRISTmas" spirit. :-)

Dennis D. Muhumuza said...

i love your wordplay here! an early xmas feel? if this be, then it's gonna be real

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

Thanks 4 stoppim by. awesome poetry.

Don said...

Yes, cute poem. Lindwee, you are always in the Christmas spirit.

Virtuous said...

Good to see you back at my spot.
What is your e-mail addy?? The one you put in rejected!
I am at

Unknown said...

That's beautiful
Really beautiful
There's nothing like the joy of xmas

Thank u 4 stopping by my blog.
I'm off for december but you can keep in touch on my other blog.

Lindah said...

@sage, thanks.
I check it, tiz true that Christmas is not all bout gifts.

@cb, I keep on singing this same song!

@anonymous gal, thanks too.

@don,yeah...I like that cross!

@viruous, your Christmas spirit is high. saw your decorated house.
I sent my addy.

@olamild, I will.


Afrobabe said...


Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!