Saturday, December 1, 2007


I can feel the pain inside my heart
For the turning of the world upside down
Many people dying now and then
Because of AIDS

Many children living without parents
And they end up becoming street kids
Begging here and there, now and then
Because of no aid

So what shall we do?
In order to fight this scourge
Coz we need to get together
Fighting against AIDS requires unity

AIDS is dangerous
And Deadly
It got no cure
We should be careful
About this disease
Abstinence is the way
For teenagers
And faithfulness for married


Don said...

Continue to spread the awareness, Lindwee.

Afrobabe said...

not to forget some got it through other means...

Lets pray for all who live with it and hope a cure comes soon...

Kafo said...

thanks for this tribute for World's AIDS day i spent some time on saturday trying to write something of worth to chronicle the event but couldn't

i likey

Joshua Masinde said...

The piece is great. AIDS is no respector (wo)man. I'll be glad if everybody was faithful to themselves..

Lindah said...

@don, yeah.....

@afrobabe, true, thats why we need unity coz we can get it through different ways but this is one of the most vivid ones. Thanks for contributing.

@kafo, thaks too. I spent 4hrs looking for my ribbon, i cried when i discovred that it had been eaten by evious cockroaches.
Thank God my Sister lent me hers

Maxine said...

good one, touching words.... to spread the awareness.

esk said...

Hi Lindwee...thanks for posting a comment on my blog, because otherwise, I may not have stumbled across your blog...

What a great way to spread the awareness about AIDS!

GERALD said...

a very good ant- AIDS activist...keep up lady..

nobody shouls cajole to go bear footed......
stockings.... make the compulsary

Lindah said...

@seejmasinde, me too.

@maxine, thanks.

@sage, thanks too. I have added you on my Rollers.

@gerald, true.

eddiie said... lovely!!

We certainly need to stand together to get over that disease...

Blogger, we have a responsibilties...

esk said...

@ Lindwee: Thanks for the luv, girl!

Tumwijuke Mutambuka said...


I am a regular visit to your blog. While I love your spirit and your posts, I am not feeling this particular poem. It is too literal.

While you may argue that the issue calls for it, I am sure you could have done a better job with the language and style to keep it from being so sing-songy.

Keep up the spirit.

Lindah said...

@eddie, absolutely!

@sage, thanks too.

@omutahinga, true! it is lyrical but i decided to keep it short.

@y'all, thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend.

James Tubman said...

seek and ye shall find it's a cure out there

somebody will find it