Monday, February 11, 2008


The liquor on your breath
Does not make me dizzy
Being with you until death
Is something so easy

Sitting alone in the night
I could hear the voice
Saying it will be alright
Which makes me rejoice


The 27th Comrade said...

The liquor on your breath
Does not make me dizzy

I swear I breathed in the kiss of a girl that was scented with wine, one of these past days. There is roughly no better aphrodisiac under Jah Sun. Good Lord, it was beautiful.

Dennis D. Muhumuza said...

ha ha, comrade!

gal when did u begin falling for dudes whose breath are stained by liquor?

i must however concede that those two first lines alone make u nearly a genius. i wish the poem had stopped there!

Sam Oracle said...

I love your poems, they are short and straightforward.

I could use five lines just to explain one point, I wish I could make mine shorter with all the points made.

Nice poem, keep it rolling girl

GERALD said...


Don said...

I stopped by to say Happy Valentines Day, Lindwee. Enjoy.

Good spirited woman.

I got the second stanza, but I'm not sure about the meaning behind the first.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful my dear!

Lindah said...

@Comrade, really! that must have been V&A


@Oracle, Thanks. I enjoy yours too.

@Gerald, Munange...

@don, The first stanza means that love is patient.

@B-more bap life, Welcome back gal!

@y'all, thanks.

Cynthia Julie said...

That breath definitely sent me to hell...lets just say I've been there and it turned me off!

Don said...

@ lindwee: thanks.

Lindah said...

@Kellos, I visited. Good start!