Monday, February 4, 2008


He goes to the bars
and licks them bottles clean
Then comes back home past midnight
something is wrong with this boy

He would help at home
and play with his siblings
But now he prefers hanging out
with men his age

He has starved so much
That his trousers can not fit
However much he accompanies them
With a huge belt

I wish I had a chance
to sneak into his heart
But the key to that heart
was thrown in the ocean


NikkiSab said...

This young man is addicted!!!!!! Why?? How r u? How is school? U takia.

Sam Oracle said...

I think the young man has a lot of problems and it would take the loving arms of someone in love to bring him back home, I guess thatz the role you're playing.
Nice Poem. Keep it rolling, girl.

eddiie said...

well well...

What a nice piece you wrote in here..eeeh!!! good. actually catchy.

Thw way to his heart is thrown away? Oh! poor boy..Had he known earlier? May be things wouldnt have been this bad...

Jayn Sean said...

Wow! Very nice.

Thanx for stopping by my page.

eloquence of expression said...

get the diving gear
The sea only a deep blue yonder.

Afrobabe said...


LovelyBella73 said...

I would have to say his young man is missing something. He is using alcohol as a substitute for what he really needs? Perhaps love, guidance, and kindness.

This happens a lot. Great poem!!

Don said...

It sounds like dude has some things on his mind.

Don said...

The Hennessey don't help...the Hennessey don't help.

Unknown said...

There's something to this
I can't seem to get my hands on it.

James Tubman said...

drunken bastard lol

alcohol is a drug

and people often drink to get their mind off of the pain of their lives

Jennifer A. said...

"The key to that heart was thrown in the ocean."

That's sad. Beautiful poem...

Cynthia Julie said...

He's married to th bottle..they r always married to some thing, money work..u name it.