Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ladies feel good
When they are complimented
On their hair, figure, complexion...
Even children appreciate that
Just tell them how beautiful they are
Trust me, they will frequent mirrors

When God gave us this gift
He wanted us to use it diligently
By loving one another
This entails sharing and caring
However, love is sometimes misinterpreted
By the something for something notion

Many youths have become victims of beauty
They are the easiest targets by the so-called tycoons
Who think young ladies are yearning for the latest trends
Some have been plotted against
After failing to fall prey of some men’s selfish advances

Beauty is a gift from God
That He endowed us without any price tags
Unfortunately, we have diluted it
Through; bleaching, prostitution...
Shall we appreciate it when it is gone?
Let us embrace beauty before it is too late

Monday, October 6, 2008



Give it up for the Lord

For bringing light onto our lives

And sorting our church leaders

For He never sleeps

If you lie once, don’t do it twice

Well….do you think I can preach?

Of course do it my style

Coz I don’t have to use the same old versions

That some of our pastors have adopted

I am not against any messenger

Some of the preachers have become a nuisance

From mismanaging tithe, falsifying, to sodomizing our brothers

Are these the last days they always preach about?

Their wives are in boat

So vulnerable to the untold truth

But some knew it before

They wanted to protect their marriage and integrity

You have seen them smiling in public

Only God knows what they are going through

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Remember that not all preachers are monsters

But how are we going to differentiate them?

Shall we go back to our old churches?

We have become a laughing stoke to the unspiritual

They want to see us crumble and mortified

But God is faithful

We shall desist from the rising spiritual madness

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Coffee, sweet coffee

You are inevitable!

You warm me when I am cold

You make me get to work

I feel sad when you are left out in the compound

And rain drains your purity

Like a worn-out flower

Battered by the sun

As a child, I remember when…

I would pick you up from under the tree

And watch you dry up for sale

Then buy cookies and balloons

I hate to see them

Planting you on the bleak soil

And expecting you to retain your beauty

By feeding you with fertilizers

Not all hope is gone

Gradually but surely, you will rise again

Farmers are making everything possible

To uplift your growth and development

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Twas on a black Thursday they were slain
The innocent children knew not the pain
Obedient to their mother they stayed
And missed the school they swayed

She ordered them to wash their feet
And then their hearts began to beat
She knotted their necks with a chain
What a mother, with a scratched brain!

Their bodies lay as white as snow
With no tomorrow and fame to show
Some parents’ violence is too much to bear
Yet some couples have no child to show c

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


You would loom
Zoom like a sneaky roach
To the city high rage
Head high, pinky-inky
Smoky maw
A decade down the road
You got it all
But got none in sense
It is never too late
To live in the light
He said………….
Seek, you shall find
God wants you
To live a new Life
He Loves You

Thursday, June 19, 2008


If I let go
To search for
And find not
What will I live for?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Thoughts are undulating my palm
Akin to the squashy stream
Staring explicitly at my blankness; they recognise
Before I could respire
I close my eyes
And feel my heart thrashing within, soothing tempo
It takes my fear over
Briskly into my gullet
They say….

Don’t slash the thread that joins you to veracity.
Don’t be afraid of the white sheet
Write down something….

Thursday, April 24, 2008

If I pull this off...

Maybe I should hark
And not tell I'll hit a mark
If I pull this off
For a friend...

Will he peck me?
Will he hug me?
Or will he cry,
'O you're a genius?'

That we shall know
If I pull this off
For a friend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


That spot,
Friendly to her
So quite and peaceful,

Placed my little nephew.

The sun was always dazzling
Stars would sparkle
The sky was navy
However, he saw none.

For nine months,
He has been in the dreamland
Now, it is time,
To face the wonderland

For a man was born
To encounter challenges
Deal with conflict and change
That is what life is all about.

Monday, February 11, 2008


The liquor on your breath
Does not make me dizzy
Being with you until death
Is something so easy

Sitting alone in the night
I could hear the voice
Saying it will be alright
Which makes me rejoice

Monday, February 4, 2008


He goes to the bars
and licks them bottles clean
Then comes back home past midnight
something is wrong with this boy

He would help at home
and play with his siblings
But now he prefers hanging out
with men his age

He has starved so much
That his trousers can not fit
However much he accompanies them
With a huge belt

I wish I had a chance
to sneak into his heart
But the key to that heart
was thrown in the ocean

Monday, January 28, 2008


Is a dream come true
for both graduates and parents

It is one of those precious moments
That tears of joy stream
For fulfilling the dream