Monday, October 6, 2008



Give it up for the Lord

For bringing light onto our lives

And sorting our church leaders

For He never sleeps

If you lie once, don’t do it twice

Well….do you think I can preach?

Of course do it my style

Coz I don’t have to use the same old versions

That some of our pastors have adopted

I am not against any messenger

Some of the preachers have become a nuisance

From mismanaging tithe, falsifying, to sodomizing our brothers

Are these the last days they always preach about?

Their wives are in boat

So vulnerable to the untold truth

But some knew it before

They wanted to protect their marriage and integrity

You have seen them smiling in public

Only God knows what they are going through

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Remember that not all preachers are monsters

But how are we going to differentiate them?

Shall we go back to our old churches?

We have become a laughing stoke to the unspiritual

They want to see us crumble and mortified

But God is faithful

We shall desist from the rising spiritual madness