Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ladies feel good
When they are complimented
On their hair, figure, complexion...
Even children appreciate that
Just tell them how beautiful they are
Trust me, they will frequent mirrors

When God gave us this gift
He wanted us to use it diligently
By loving one another
This entails sharing and caring
However, love is sometimes misinterpreted
By the something for something notion

Many youths have become victims of beauty
They are the easiest targets by the so-called tycoons
Who think young ladies are yearning for the latest trends
Some have been plotted against
After failing to fall prey of some men’s selfish advances

Beauty is a gift from God
That He endowed us without any price tags
Unfortunately, we have diluted it
Through; bleaching, prostitution...
Shall we appreciate it when it is gone?
Let us embrace beauty before it is too late